30th East Asia Conference of Radiological Technologists

39th Japan Conference of Radiological Technologists


Welcome Message

Dear EACRT Members

First of all, because of Covid-19, we could not welcome you in Japan for a while.
However, life is back to normal in Japan and JART is pleased to be able to host the EACRT meeting on site.

First due to COVID-19, boarder restriction has been very restricted and access was limited to Japan for a while. However, life is becoming normal and with this great news, JART is pleased to announce to host the EACRT meeting.

The 30th East Asia Congress of Radiological Technologists (EACRT) will be held at Kumamoto Castle Hall in Kumamoto City from September 29 to October 1, 2023.
At the same time, the 39th Japan Conference of Radiological Technologists(JCRT) will be held as well.

We are expecting to see various academic studies and progress which will be shared through various presentations, lectures and seminars, etc. In order to show our appreciation after long absence, we are prepared to serve one of our finest Japanese Kumamoto dishes which is host city of the conference. We hope to see you at Kumamoto.

There will be many presentations, lectures, seminars, etc. We hope you will join us.
There will be delicious food and drinks in Kumamoto, the host city of the conference. Please enjoy Japanese culture after a long absence.
We look forward to your participation.

Best regards

Japan Association of Radiological Technologists (JART)
Katsuhiko Ueda